Much Needed Update

2016-02-21 22:56:27 by Claw-MacKain

Here's the progress of things so far. For one, I'm tweaking my RPG project, The Six Realms, before putting it up for sale on Steam. Since it's one of those RPG Maker made games, I honestly don't feel like it should be sold for anything at all, but since I need funds for Tales of the Darkside and other game projects, I'll be selling The Six Realms for $10. I might revisit The Six Realms later on when the other games are funded and make it into something worthy of being sold in the first place.

As Tales of the Darkside goes, I've been planning a lot of parts of it, such as the character stances of both playable and enemies, the move set for playable and enemy characters, the stages and the enemies within that each playable character will encounter including bosses, and the unlockable items for the game. However, due to it being a Star Wars game being made without permission from Disney or Lucas Arts, I'll be having to provide the game as Free to Play. Newgrounds will be getting a playable demo of the game since the finished product would be much too large to host on Newgrounds having 12 playable characters and all these enemies and unlockables for it. The full version will actually have two versions to it. The Steam edition will be a strict game play version with all unlockables and such keeping it SFW as Steam really doesn't have adult games there. The NSFW version I'll host on my Mediafire account which will give you the settings in the Options to change the game between T, R, and X variations. T standing for Teen, of course, which is what the SFW version is. All fighting and no nudity. R being similar to the movie rating, will have the characters' life bars split into two, which when the first half is gone, exposes the character completely. In X, once your character's exposed, they can get grabbed by enemies for... risky encounters. Bare in mind that not all playable characters are female, though. Half the playable characters belong to GSPervert and the other half belong to me. There will be a soundtrack of the game for sale on Steam, though, to help funding in other game projects.

The project after Tales of the Darkside is a furry fighting game called Exhibition Fighters. Now don't get your mind in the gutter and think of exhibitionists. The exhibition in Exhibition Fighters comes from exhibition matches, which is a type of martial artist match that is purely used for sparring, no points are taken. This will feature all original characters I personally designed and it'll have a fighting system unique to any other game. I do hope this project will be well received as I surprisingly put a lot of planning and thought into this one.

In other news, I'll be in Dallas in early March of this year for a convention. I hope to do some art sales while there to help funds towards these projects. I got a business bank account, too, for holding the funds in. I've yet to set up my Paypal for it, but that'll come in time.

Well, I know some of you are waiting on me to get started on Tales of the Darkside, the game project of mine that will be co-oped with GSPervert, the maker of Love Saber.

I have good news for you. The delay as of late not only was a few conventions but also remaking my RPG project wish has been finished as of January and fixed and touched up as of last month. During this time, though, I have been working on concept sketches for Tales of the Darkside, including character idle poses, stage planning, enemy idle poses, and stage design concepts.

So yes, it's in the works. Slowly, but it is being worked on. GSPervert is having to take the role of advisor due to the job he's working normally, which doesn't give him much time to directly get involved in the project.

I also thought maybe I had a program to help making the game maybe easier, but someone pointed out that a free version of said program, which is what I have, is limited by a severe amount. Which means I'll have to go ahead with my original plan and call for a programmer along with the assistant animator, music makers, and voice actors that will be needed to make this game a reality.

I will try to work on this regardless of the overwhelming work. I have to do something if I want this done, so if I at least get my work dealt with, I can easily hold onto the items until I get the game staff to make this thing.

RPG Finished, next project in planning!

2013-11-21 12:34:20 by Claw-MacKain

For those of you that might have been waiting for this moment, my RPG, The Six Realms, has been completed. It is in test play with my test players at the moment before its final release to public status.

In the meantime, I've been working on some material for future projects, including planning and cast of Tales of the Darkside and working on a comic for Exhibition Fighters, a fighting game project that will come after Tales of the Darkside's completion.

As for Greg Panovich's role in the Tales of the Darkside project, his day job is keeping him really busy, so he will be taking the role of advisor for his cast of characters. Here's what to expect: the most Newgrounds will see of Tales of the Darkside is a demo version of the game made in flash. The demo will allow you to play as one of four characters and will have a clean/adult option, which was eventually decided for the main game. The main game will host 12 playable characters, several unlockables, and if possible fan art. Due to its large game planning, this will need to be a program game. It will be free to play, though, since it's a parody work, having no permission from neither Lucas Arts nor Disney. The demo will give you the option to play as my characters, Dela-Gre and Doral Menson, and Greg's characters, Delin Gri and Sarassa Vexen (Darth Viper).

As for Exhibition Fighters, again a demo will need to be made to introduce the game to Newgrounds. But the main game will have 20 characters and due to its large work, will have two full versions if it is possible. A MUGEN edition, which will just be the game itself of all 20 characters, their stages, and the basics of the game. This edition will be free to play. The program game, will have a minor buying fee, but other than getting the full game, you can unlock the fan art of the game, too.

Right now both Tales of the Darkside and Exhibition Fighters are in the planning phase. I will need a staff to work on this with me. This staff will consist of programmers, additional animators and spriters, music staff, and voice actors.

Now that you've been given the heads up, hopefully we can meet any expectations you have towards these games.

It's a bit of a shame that my RPG project, The Six Realms, is taking longer than I expected it to, but I think it's well worth it. The Six Realms now has two different versions of it. Devil May Care version of The Six Realms allows you to save your game just about any time as long as you're not in battle and you don't have a story event triggered. Iron version of The Six Realms is a little harder because you can only save in spot locations. And with how large some of my dungeons are in The Six Realms, you don't have the luxury to save while in these dungeons unless you find the save point.

For the most part the RPG is finished, but I'm testing DMC and Iron versions of The Six Realms right now. Even writing up a game guide myself for the RPG that will be released a month after DMC and Iron versions are.

After this, I'll just about be ready to finally work on Tales of the Darkside, my beat 'em up game working in co-op with GSPervert, using Delin Gri and my Dela-Gre as main characters. The full version of the game might be too much for a flash game here on Newgrounds, so I've decided I'll make a flash intro game, allowing you to play four of the twelve playable characters. The full game will have twelve playable characters, six characters from me and six provided by GSPervert. The game will focus mostly on the beat 'em up aspect of the game, but I might include an option for a more adult styled game so you can play a straight beat 'em up game or a hentai beat 'em up game. Each character will have six stages to go through, and some of the stages might differ from others. Some stages will even have optional alternate pathways, some of which, will be locked unless you have either a character or a lightsaber orb in use to unlock this pathway. If possible, the final product will even include a two player option. It'll be a lot of work, but if done correctly, will be well worth it. Just keep your eyes out for announcements here on if Tales of the Darkside is in the works.

Still around and working

2012-04-10 15:10:33 by Claw-MacKain

For those of you that have been waiting on my Tales of the Darkside flash game that I'll be working on with aid of GSPervert, I'm sorry for the delay. We're still planning stuff out. Plus I'm still debating on if the title should be "Tales of the Darkside" or "Tails of the Darkside" due to the fact that this will be a furry Star Wars beat-em-up game. Also after some discussion with GS, I decided that maybe my plan for the game might be too big for a simple flash game, but we'll have to see. So first part of it will just be a demo only featuring my bat sith assassin, Dela-Gre, and GS' Delin Gri. I already have Dela's attacks and moves planned out for the most part. Delin however, not so much, due to her being GS' character, so he'd know how she'd fight better than I would. Another thing that has some hold up is the stage and enemy planning. I plan to have 6 stages per character to go through. For Dela's half, I have 5 out of 6 bosses planned, but only a handful of enemies.

Another delay would be something of my fault. I've been having to kick myself in the ass to work on my artwork again. And lately I've been allowing myself to get distracted. Also I'm hoping to complete a game project I've been working on currently before getting to Tales of the Darkside. In good news, though, I don't have much left to work on with this other game project having just recently completing beta version 4 and I suspect the game will be completely done by beta 6.

But to make it up to some of you guys, you can play this game project like those that watch my art galleries do. I've released beta 4 to be available to play upon its completion. You can find information about this RPG game project here:

Good News

2011-06-01 23:16:28 by Claw-MacKain

Well, I got my new tablet. Greg and I have started discussing how we're going to go about the Tales of the Darkside game project. I have some ideas that will have to be done to make the file size smaller than if the original plan was done. But also seems that we're going to have to take it slow, too. The game was going to have 12 playable characters, but for now might have to half that for our first release.

Before we can get to work on this, though, I need to get some commissions out of the way. I'm already on the second of the third, so it shouldn't be too long.

Another Project?

2010-09-29 18:24:06 by Claw-MacKain

Yes, it's weird... but while talking on an art stream I got an idea for a bondage RPG now, too... DON'T asking me where I got it... Not sure I could explain even if I tried... But that now means I have Tales of the Darkside, Exhibition Fighters, and this new one to work on when I can.

My tablet's acting screwy, which is slowing down any work on the game projects, so I have to get a new one... I have commissions to do to get funds for a new one, but depression inspired procrastination is making that even hard >.<

I am making some progress though... I've colored all but one of my main characters for Tales of the Darkside, which means I don't have to stumble around for colors when making the game. Also coloring the Exhibition Fighters currently. Also been thumbing through some music and thinking up the game system to use for Tales of the Darkside. I even refound the old arcade that inspired Tales of the Darkside. If you want to see this old arcade yourself, look up Night Slashers. You can also play it with an arcade emulator. Seems Tales of the Darkside will be more advanced in the power activations than Night Slashers, but oh, well. Makes for a great game :3


2009-10-28 16:20:15 by Claw-MacKain

Well, so far I haven't posted anything here although two of my friends, GSPervert and SteveFarfan, has. I'm working on some projects that might change that. One project is a flash game that'll appear here and is being worked on with GSPervert's cooperating. The game is called Tales of the Darkside, which'll feature all of our personal Star Wars characters.

Another project involves the infamous fighting game engine, MUGEN. I'll be working on making 20 fighters and programming them entirely. They're already all designed. I will be looking for voice actors for these characters once they're done. There will also be an animation made for this, which'll not only show how the whole fight started, but promote the characters being made. For this project I'm calling it Exhibition Fighters.

Third and fourth projects are much larger and would take a lot of resources just to complete. But for here, an animation will be put up for these two to provide a preview.