Entry #8

Much Needed Update

2016-02-21 22:56:27 by Claw-MacKain

Here's the progress of things so far. For one, I'm tweaking my RPG project, The Six Realms, before putting it up for sale on Steam. Since it's one of those RPG Maker made games, I honestly don't feel like it should be sold for anything at all, but since I need funds for Tales of the Darkside and other game projects, I'll be selling The Six Realms for $10. I might revisit The Six Realms later on when the other games are funded and make it into something worthy of being sold in the first place.

As Tales of the Darkside goes, I've been planning a lot of parts of it, such as the character stances of both playable and enemies, the move set for playable and enemy characters, the stages and the enemies within that each playable character will encounter including bosses, and the unlockable items for the game. However, due to it being a Star Wars game being made without permission from Disney or Lucas Arts, I'll be having to provide the game as Free to Play. Newgrounds will be getting a playable demo of the game since the finished product would be much too large to host on Newgrounds having 12 playable characters and all these enemies and unlockables for it. The full version will actually have two versions to it. The Steam edition will be a strict game play version with all unlockables and such keeping it SFW as Steam really doesn't have adult games there. The NSFW version I'll host on my Mediafire account which will give you the settings in the Options to change the game between T, R, and X variations. T standing for Teen, of course, which is what the SFW version is. All fighting and no nudity. R being similar to the movie rating, will have the characters' life bars split into two, which when the first half is gone, exposes the character completely. In X, once your character's exposed, they can get grabbed by enemies for... risky encounters. Bare in mind that not all playable characters are female, though. Half the playable characters belong to GSPervert and the other half belong to me. There will be a soundtrack of the game for sale on Steam, though, to help funding in other game projects.

The project after Tales of the Darkside is a furry fighting game called Exhibition Fighters. Now don't get your mind in the gutter and think of exhibitionists. The exhibition in Exhibition Fighters comes from exhibition matches, which is a type of martial artist match that is purely used for sparring, no points are taken. This will feature all original characters I personally designed and it'll have a fighting system unique to any other game. I do hope this project will be well received as I surprisingly put a lot of planning and thought into this one.

In other news, I'll be in Dallas in early March of this year for a convention. I hope to do some art sales while there to help funds towards these projects. I got a business bank account, too, for holding the funds in. I've yet to set up my Paypal for it, but that'll come in time.


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